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Peel Booster

Brand: Toskani Cosmetics Model: TKN-00-0393
30ml airlessThe skin takes on a completely renewed appearance with the TOSKANI Clarifying Peel Booster. Skin looks more radiant, visibly smoother, softer and younger. This home care product gives the skin a light peeling effect to help stop and manage pigmentation. Clarifying Peel Booster improves s..
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Brand: Toskani Cosmetics Model: TKN-00-0391
30ml airlessSkin perfection is close and easy with the TOSKANI Imperfection Peel Booster, a micropeeling that contains Glycolic and Salicylic Acids. It gently peels keratinised and superfluous epidermis without irritating the skin. Imperfection Peel Booster acts only on the surface of the epidermis,..
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Brand: Toskani Cosmetics Model: TKN-00-0392
15ml tubeTOSKANI Cosmetics Retiseal Peel Booster is a retinol-based micropeeling that stimulates cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. This product helps to reduce the size of pores while correcting blemishes and blotchy skin. Retiseal Peel Booster contains 1% pure retinol and is great for reduc..
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